Inspired By

3 Day Class (preferably) or 2 day class
Students bring a body of work by a favourite artist to the class, and we’ll use this as a basis for exploring elements of design. The aim is to not to copy the artist’s work, but to get a feel for what it is students like about their work, and use this knowledge to develop an original piece.

After going through some design exercises in paper and fabric, students may make a work, or spend time developing sketches, samples, or beginning preparation for a larger work. The class also aims to expand students’ options for inspiration and give them some tools to analyse their own and others work when they return home.

The class includes a trip to the local art gallery where possible or a slide show of art works for discussion.

A Way with Words

1 or 2 day class
We will look at ways words can be used to send our minds and quilt-making down new and original avenues. This class will help you come up with lots of new ideas and ways of working out how to express the ideas you have.

We will also discuss ways of putting words into/onto a quilt using various appliqué and surface treatments.  A longer class includes more demonstrations and gives students the opportunity to develop a work.

Mastering Metallics

1 day class
Students will learn a range of techniques using metallic threads including sewing, quilting and free machining with metallic threads, twin needling, cording (with heavy thread in the bobbin). We will also include working with some more difficult fabrics such as velvet and organza.


2 Day class
This class is based on my quilt that won the NZ Quilter Travelling Quilt Exhibition in 2003. While students will come out of the class with a finished, or nearly finished quilt, the class is also a vehicle to teach design principles and quilting and finishing options. For example we talk about line, texture, movement and colour. Machine quilting, both standard and free-motion is shown and we talk about threads, embellishments and options for finishing including binding, facing and mounting.

Now you see it – Now you don’t (Working with Dissolvable Fabric)

1 day class
This class introduces students to working with dissolvable fabric. While students may come out of the class with an object (a fabric bowl for example), the emphasis is on learning the technical skills involved in working with dissolvable fabric and helping them see the creative possibilities of the product.

The class covers: the different types of dissolvable fabric and the uses for dissolvable fabric, including machine embroidery, fabric construction, making loose pieces for embellishments, to aid machine stitching on difficult fabrics – e.g. organzas and machine embroidery. This helps students look at how they can use this in their own work.